Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Writers in This Week in Palestine

Our Dearest Readers
We are sorry for the silence on the blog, but between end of semester woes for Tala and returning to work for Riyam, it has been a very busy summer.  Rest assured we have not stopped writing. Writing is central to who we are, it is a passionate drive that wakes us up every morning.  We have actually been writing a lot. Tala is working on her memoire and Riyam has been contributing to This Week in Palestine and working on a tiny writing project of her own. We want to share with you the link to the latest issue of this Week in Palestine where both Tala and Riyam have published work.  "My Dearest Students" is a letter written by Tala to her students at the end of a very trying semester.  "For Yara" is a story about human survival written by Riyam about a mother surviving her daughter's death.  Enjoy the read and we will be back on The Big Olive very soon.  We are turning Two this July!!!